No more games – play what you’ve got! Part 6, MISSION FAILED!!! I BOUGHT NEW GAMES!!!

Part 1: No more new games – play what you’ve got! Part 2, Return of the Living Deck Builders The Not Nearly As Thumbed Part 3, Hang On – Some Of These Aren’t Even On The List Part 4, But You Can’t Just Throw Away Gifts, Obviously… Part 5, Part 5, Fortune and Zombies, Kid I’ve banned new games from being purchased in 2014 to allow us a year to play through all the games we’ve already got.  If a brilliant, must-have game emerges this year I’ll just have to wait to see if it... View Article

NinjaDorg’s Dungeon Command Review

NinjaDorg’s Dungeon Command Review Prelude: Wizards of the Coast cash in on their Dungeons and Dragons miniatures product line by producing this compartmentalised collectible board game series, the first two sets in this series are: Sting of Lolth (a Drow Elf themed Underdark set) and Heart of Cormyr (a bog standard Forgotten Realms D&D Heroes set), which this review concerns.  Each box gives a player enough components to play half of a game of Dungeon Command, and whilst there are rules for breaking the game down into quarters and playing a slim line version of the rule set using only... View Article