Fantasy Quest official art previews

Here are a couple of official art previews for Fantasy Quest: The Night card back is by the awesome Roman Hodek, and the ring is by the extraordinarily talented Lorinda Tomko, whose previous credits include Kingdom Death: Monster.

Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game – Final call for play-testers

Hi guys, I’m drawing close to the final version of the game and after speaking with Indie we are now looking for some brave volunteers for this last round of play-testing. A few of you have already been in contact, but if there are others out there who want to put this game through its paces and help make it even more awesomer for its release please register your interest below. We will need feedback on the game so please only reply if you feel able to provide some. For those who already have play-test copies who would like to... View Article

Fantasy Quest: Keywords, Symbols and Actions

Here is the latest page from the painstakingly slow-coming Fantasy Quest high resolution rules book: Please let me know if you see any errors/typos/etc.  I’m thinking this could be the back page, a ‘summary’ of sorts.And here’s the Contents page: Slow and steady wins the race…

Fantasy Quest Version Update

Hello Fantasy Questererers! Sorry about the lack of info/activity on this blog.  I’ve been beavering away implementing all the feedback from play-testers and from the UK Games Expo and basically the whole of Fantasy Quest has received an overhaul.  The core game play is still the same but I’ve revamped ALL the FQ cards and I think it’s looking really good.  Here are just some of the changes I’ve already made: 1.         Sagas are now in cool, bite-sized Chapters 2.         All card numbers are larger/readable 3.         There are now Location short cuts between certain Locations where the Ancients like to... View Article

Win a copy of Fantasy Quest!

You will need a BoardGameGeek account to bid geekgold for a promo copy of Fantasy Quest here: 🙂


Finally they’re here!  Nearly missed my own deadline too… Please check for errors, grammar, and any other uncertainties and ask away here if you have any questions.  I’ve incorporated feedback from everyone who got back to me about the beta testing and have tried to cover everything that came up in the Living FAQ thread on this very site. So thanks for all your help in getting the game this far and here’s to moving on to the next stage, with a sneak preview of the new Saga layouts below.  Here is the doc version of the rules:   Fantasy... View Article

Fantasy Quest at UK Games Expo 2012

Hello Readers!Just a little note to let you know that Mmzomba (Sam) and myself (Tristan by the way, nice to meet you) are booked in for Saturday and Sunday at the UK Games Expo 2012 and I’ve applied for a demo table on the Saturday too. Not sure if they have any left at this stage but if not I’m sure we can find a table or something somewhere. Otherwise it’s just going to be beers and browsing! So if anyone is going to be about it would be great to see you and maybe catch a game of Fantasy Quest... View Article

Fantasy Quest Official Sound Track – songs now available!

Philip Glass’ Dracula was a huge influence on us and I love the elegance and simplicity of a purely piano score.  We listened to a lot of music whilst developing and play-testing Fantasy Quest and I really liked the idea of a sound track that tied directly into the story of the game because great music enhances literally everything.  With that in mind I asked Francesca if she would compose a theme that tied into the game and she went a gigantic step further and put together an entire album of brilliant piano music.Whilst this won’t be included with the... View Article

Fantasy Quest Official Sound Track

The brilliant composer Francesca L Hall has produced two more tracks for the awesome Fantasy Quest sound track, nothing gets me more excited about this game’s development: The Veil: Knighthood: Though these tracks will not be included with the game the CD will be made available for those who wish to enjoy the full experience of the game!

Fantasy Quest Game Layout

Here’s another page from the new FQ rules version.  Any spelling and grammatical help is most appreciated!